About Us

Story Point Media, Inc is a full service live-action and animation studio located in 
Asheville, North Carolina. We have been in operation since 2002. 

Our Mantra
Grow imagination in the wild

Our Goal
To produce media that will reawaken the creative life of children 
and inspire them to have direct experiences in nature.

About the Creators

David S. Miller Creative Partner

David is an expert in personal online media, cinematic storytelling and visual effects creation.
He believes in the profound power of great stories well told and healthy personal media 
lifestyles that support people’s goals, aptitudes, passions and interests.

These two beliefs have guided David's 20 year career in media.  He has worked with highly 
successful business leaders, entertainers, nonprofit organizations and his own family to tell their 
stories and develop organizational and personal media strategies to reach their highest goals.

He is an award winning producer and creator of films, commercials, and online media.

He is highly respected for his ability to combine storytelling, design, technological innovation and 
business in artful and strategic ways that effect change in people.

His passions rest in seeing young people, and the young at heart, grow in telling their 
stories, expand their creative boundaries, learn more life giving ways to live on this planet, and 
experience life in deeper ways.

Jon Menick - President and Creative Partner

Jon’s work throughout his creative life. Whether in front of the camera, behind it, 
or as a writer, he drives himself to discover the essential kernel of truth in every story. 

Jon has worked at the highest level of media, film and television in New York and 
Los Angeles for over two decades. He has sharpened his approach in story creation 
by collaborating with eight of the top ten advertising agencies on dozens of national
and regional commercials. 

In addition, his work in film and Network TV has elevated his standards to match 
the level of the high profile practitioners that populate the art of filmed storytelling. 
What he brings to the table is the perspective of his experience and the paradigm of 
excellence he learned from working with the top professionals in story creation.

In 2001, Jon and his wife Louisa left Los Angeles and moved to Asheville NC 
to pursue his dream of making movies that will help his adopted region economically 
and provide content for creative inspiration to children everywhere.